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The first step to getting your CDL is to go to a medical examiner and have a physical to get a DOT Medical card. This card is needed to test for your permit and needs to be renewed every 1 to 2 years.

Upon renewing your DOT Medical card each time, you will be required to do a "Self-Certification" to link it to your CDL.

DOT Medical Card

National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners Search

Once you have a valid DOT medical card, you can book the test for your CDL permit (in the state you live in). See below for state requirements and study materials to get you ready for your permit test.

Upon passing the permit test, you're ready to start your hands-on road test training with us. You do not need a school or trainer to prepare you for your permit test.


Study Materials

Full Manuals from DMV & RMV

Schedule Your NH Permit Test

Review the NH requirements here. Once that is done, use the button here to get to the appointment booking page.  Choose "CDL Permit/Endorsement Knowledge Test" & follow prompts.

Schedule Your MA Permit Test

This page has a lot of information on the MA requirements.  Make sure to review it all and then choose "Start your application online" to book your CLP test.

EDLT Theory Training

If you are applying to obtain a Class A CDL or Class B CDL for the first time, you must take and pass the Class A or B Theory Course.

ELDT Theory Course MUST be completed before you can book your road test. You can do this before starting our BTW & Range training or during our program. The state will NOT let you book a road test unless you complete the ELDT Theory training.

An affordable ELDT Theory Course can be found at: and only costs $25! Once you completed the ELDT Theory Course a Certificate will be issued and they will submit your test score to the RMV/DMV for your state.

We will need a copy of your License, Permit, ELDT training certificate, and DOT Medical card before you get started.
You will need to bring those to your first training session.

Training Records Check

When you are ready to book your road test, you can check to make sure your training records have been submitted to the FMCSA.

You must enter your information exactly as it appears on your ID. When it asks you what town you did your training in, the answer is "Pelham". We have found that sometimes it does not give Pelham as an option on the first try, but does on the second try.

If your theory training was completed but is not listed, you will need to contact the establishment where you did the training. If you did the wrong theory training (B when you needed A) you will not be able to take your road test and will have to complete the correct theory training to book that.


When you get your CDL for the first time, the state will link your DOT medical card to your CDL.

Every time you renew your DOT medical card after that, you will need to link it to your CDL license through self-certification. It's a very easy process and they should send you a reminder letter that it's time to renew your DOT medical card and self-certify.

In NH there is a form you can print and email, fax, or mail to them. In MA you can print a form or submit it right through the website.

MA Self-Certification

MA Information on Self-Certification

MA Self-Certification Printable Form

MA Self-Certification Online Form

Scroll down to the "Self-Certify a Commercial License option in the first column under Driver Licensing and Permits for the online form.

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