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New Sessions Start Weekly

Small group training, Monday-Friday, 3-hour sessions in Pelham, NH & Dracut, MA

Available Session Times: 7:30-10:30am, 10:30-1:30pm, 2:00-5:00pm

The full program takes an average of 12-16 sessions or 6-8 weeks at 2 sessions per week.


License Transmission Trailer Price*
CDL-B Auto None $4,000
CDL-B Manual None $5,000
CDL-A Auto Pintle $5,000
CDL-A Manual Pintle $6,000
CDL-A Auto 5th Wheel $7,000
CDL-A Manual 5th Wheel $8,000
Upgrade B-A Any Any $5,000
*Add $200-$250 for payment by credit card.

Where Are You Curently in Your CDL Process?

Please call us to discuss financing options.

All financing is done through our financing partner. If you will be using financing, you will need to secure that prior to registering with us.

Call us M-F from 8-4 at 603-635-8873 to discuss options.

Make sure to check the FAQ or click the button below to watch our FAQ videos which should answer a lot of questions.

We have partnered with a financing company if you need to finance your training. We do not currently offer/accept any financial aid.

We require a $200 non-refundable registration fee upon sign-up and 50% down at your first session and the program will include ELDT Theory Training (done online) at no extra charge.

We will not book your road test until you've paid the balance in full.

We do accept credit cards. The listed prices include the discount for paying cash/check.

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Cameron StoddardCameron Stoddard
14:43 04 Feb 24
Jigsy and Scuba were the best instructors I could have asked for. They focused on the areas I struggled and made sure I had the confidence to get my license first shot. Andrea in the office made everything so easy when it came to paperwork and scheduling. Highly recommend for not only individuals but also for companies and municipalities as their preferred CDL school.
austin viensaustin viens
17:27 24 Jan 24
Cdl guys is hand down the best school for getting your cdl. The instructors Scruba and jigsy are very good at teaching you what it takes to get your cdl and become a great driver. Andrea in the office makes signing up and scheduling classes effortless, Thanks cdl guys!
Life with TiffyLife with Tiffy
14:27 22 Jan 24
If you want to get your CDL on the first try then this is definitely the place to do it. Flexible schedule and great instructors. Basically one and one classes. Special shout out to jigsy.
Eric KnottEric Knott
01:21 21 Jan 24
CDL Guys is an awesome program to get your CDL. Jiggsy and Scuba are awesome teachers! I was able to get my CDL after 4 weeks of two classes a week which was entirely due to Jiggsy and Scuba and the way Jiggsy has the system set up!! They make it like memorizing a poem… too easy. The trooper that tested me said that they have one of the best programs around!
Taylor SteereTaylor Steere
00:21 15 Jan 24
Cdl Guys is the best cdl trainers in all of America. Jigzy, Scuba, and Andrea made getting this achievement easy as can be. Not only did they make it easy by verbally explaining everything with detail , in the cab, circle check, driving, shifting, everything was just a breeze! Highly recommend Cdl Guys over any other cdl training, their training is a fraction of the time and price of any other trainers in the area!
Matthew RobertsMatthew Roberts
21:12 13 Jan 24
Great place two very great instructors would not have gone anywhere else couldn’t have done it without them
James NjauJames Njau
04:13 08 Jan 24
Simply the best, better of all the restJigsy ,scuba,very good instructors, Chris a wonderful guy, you want your CDL go get it there man you won't regret.
Mark KollerMark Koller
23:20 02 Jan 24
Worth every penny spent.Trainers are down to earth working class guys.Great one on one teaching.Not your TV advertising CDL school,with ten students and one trainer.From the moment you are introduced to the owner and given a tour of the school you know and feel like one of them.If your thinking about this lucrative field of Professional driving,look no further these are the real CDL Guys!
Jay GoodmanJay Goodman
14:16 31 Dec 23
CDL Guys training is top notch! From the office staff Andrea and Chris to the guys in the yard, Jigsy and Scuba, everyone is invested in your success.They make an effort to train around your schedule and the training is very personalized. Only 1 or 2 students per trainer and they make sure you know the material before they get you tested. I was quite nervous before my test but everyone was supportive and gave me the confidence I needed. I would highly recommend them if you are interested in getting your commercial drivers license!
Brad BarrBrad Barr
01:50 07 Dec 23
If you’re interested in obtaining your cdl license, look no further. This company will get you there. Great group of guys and Jigsy is one hell of an instructor! I’m very grateful and couldn’t have asked for more.
Robert SearsRobert Sears
00:00 06 Dec 23
The best truck training experience I could have asked for! There’s nothing cracked, damaged, or loose about this program. Scuba and Jigsy are knowledgable instructors and have been wonderful mentors during my Class B training. Andrea and Chris in the office were very kind and supportive throughout the process in scheduling and helping out with any questions I had. All in all, this team made sure all nuts and bolts were present and secure in their training program for me to be successful going forward in my career! Cannot thank them enough!
Nicky ConantNicky Conant
20:25 05 Dec 23
Highly recommend this school for obtaining a cdl! Scuba and jigsy are awesome! Right to the point with how things need to be and will make sure you get that license as long as you do the work of studying after class. The flexible hours made it easy as well you pick the days and times as they're available to work with you're schedule!
Chris PiselliChris Piselli
19:34 29 Nov 23
Highly recommend this place if you’re looking to get your cdl! Scuba and Jigsy are both phenomenal teachers, they’re straight to the point and make sure you’re 100% ready before taking your test, Andrea and Chris at the office are also super helpful, very friendly. Wouldn’t recommend any other place!
Maura spencerMaura spencer
02:04 23 Nov 23
If you want to pass your test the first time then go to these guys,even if you have never looked under the hood of a truck(in my case).I was very overwhelmed in the beginning but they assured me i could do it.They may be tough in how they teach but it's for a reason ,and it will pay off in the end . Scheduling an appointment was very easy and everyone is very nice to deal with .
Alexander LaboyAlexander Laboy
16:00 21 Nov 23
This is a great company to work with in achieving to getting your CDL license. Jigsy and Skubba are both great instructors. As long as you listen to them and study you are definitely going to pass for you license. Big shout out to Andrea who sets everything up and Chris. Thank you all of you so much in helping to make this happen. This is definitely another foot forward to a better future for my family. You guys rock...
Ryan SchroederRyan Schroeder
02:52 17 Nov 23
I would highly recommend CDL guys. Being self employed it was not realistic for me to take two months off of work to go get my license. CDL guys made it easy scheduling classes and worked around my schedule. The instructors are very knowledgeable and the curriculum is on point. If you are looking to get your CDL this is the place to do it.
19:37 14 Nov 23
If you need a CDL this is the only place you need to look at. Everyone from the office, the instructors, to the owner are very helpful and accommodating.
Renae MelagranoRenae Melagrano
14:20 13 Nov 23
I read a lot of reviews that start with, “ I don’t know where to start”, Well I do……….. I’ll start at the top.Chris the owner of CDL Guys @ Proturf Landscaping afforded me the opportunity to complete my CDL training and testing after another school did wrong by me. He reassured me that he will make it happen and took all my worries away.Andrea in the office is running two businesses like a fine oiled machine, securely with no leaks! From the first day of training to test day, she has it done right!Cut to the instructors, Scuba and Jigsy, the good cop, bad cop duo has a knack for understanding their student's. If there is something that you don’t understand by one they tap out and the other hops in the ring. That way of training makes it less mundane and more purposeful. The patience and knowledge they exude made training a fun learning experience!What you put into the program, they will pour out & you will walk away with a license!The CDL guys maybe a little cracked 😉 but definitely not broken and secure!Thank you all for helping me obtain my goal!Beep Beep,R.M.
Alex CurrierAlex Currier
18:13 08 Nov 23
I cannot recommend the CDL Guys enough! Everything about this organization is fantastic and exactly what you want if you're looking to get your CDL license.The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable about all things trucks and CDL and will give you all the tools necessary to pass your test and get your license. I came in without any prior driving/truck experience and I was able to pass my test on the first try!The front office is easy to reach, extremely helpful regarding scheduling, and do everything for you in terms of setting up your test and helping you out with whatever you need.If you're looking for a school to get you your CDL, look no further, because you've found it!
Tj BibeauTj Bibeau
00:55 07 Nov 23
Could not of had a better experience! Jigsy makes getting your CDL super easy and as fun as it can possibly be. HIGHLY recommend, best school around and nice equipment
Erick SeekinsErick Seekins
15:25 06 Nov 23
Best in the business! Nothing but great things to say about these guys, all very knowledgeable and helpful. Jigsy is the man and an incredible teacher. Andrea in the office makes scheduling easy as pie. 6 stars and a thumbs up
karl morinkarl morin
21:50 05 Nov 23
A big THANK YOU to the CDL Guys crew. Especially Jigsy and Scuba. I’m not a great at regular classroom learning and their hands on approach was very beneficial to me. On top of that my work schedule can change on a moments notice, Andrea was very accommodating without any signs of annoyance. My first class was on September 5th and I tested on November 4th passing with no issues. Top notch program!
Craig MorgridgeCraig Morgridge
17:51 04 Nov 23
Jigsy and Scuba do an awesome job! They teach everything you need to know about getting your CDL. You get what you put into it! If you don't study and practice, you won't pass! Great training, schedule and they help you with what you need to practice on.
David KrofssikDavid Krofssik
18:43 24 Oct 23
A big shout out to some special people,Jigsy, scuba, Andrea and Steve, theses guys and girls deliver, this by far is the best CDL school in New England. This is what school is supposed to be like, from day 1 they make you feel comfortable and welcome, not just another “student “ they have the best up-to-date curriculum, and a way to breaking it down so that your truly understand it and will prepare you to pass your exam on the first test. The office is very organized and will guide you through the process by sending you reminders about your classes and exams ahead of time so you can concentrate on learning your new skills. Big thanks again guys !!!
Albin CehicAlbin Cehic
16:09 18 Jan 23
My company needed me to get my CDL B and they decided to send me to the CDL guys. Out of all the places they sent me I’m very happy they chose to send me there. The whole crew was awesome and made the process super easy. Jigsy was great made learning the material very easy and super enjoyable. 10/10 would recommend them.
Paul BourquePaul Bourque
10:41 16 Jan 23
Highly recommend the CDL guys. From start to finish they were easy to work with and made sure I had everything needed to achieve my CDL. Jigsy was a great instructor and made the material easy to learn and understand. Their flexibility with scheduling was also a huge benefit.
Jimmy AleskivitchJimmy Aleskivitch
19:01 14 Jan 23
Jigsy was awesome! Came in green as green can be and in just a few weeks I passed my road test on my first try. Learning experience was fantastic and they really give you the knowledge and confidence to succeed. I’m looking forward to starting my CDL class A career.
Aaron GrecoAaron Greco
19:16 07 Jan 23
I can’t say enough good things about CDL Guys. Andrea, Chris, Jigsy, and Scuba, all amazing. They’re super flexible with scheduling, the instruction is very laid back and informative, and the instruction from Jigsy is absolutely top notch! Highly recommended!
Saxton LynchSaxton Lynch
17:57 17 Dec 22
Chris, Andrea and Jigsy were all incredible to deal with and helped me work through a difficult situation. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to obtain a Class A or B CDL License. These are people of good character and integrity.
Sylvia BridgeoSylvia Bridgeo
00:14 19 Oct 22
I had an amazing experience with CDL Guys! The environment was relaxed and fun while providing me with all the knowledge I needed to get my CDL! They are organized and professional, and make the training process efficient and effective. You will be successful with this company! They make sure of it. Thank you CDL Guys!

Check out all of our reviews! 


License Transmission Trailer Price*
CDL-B Auto None $4,000
CDL-B Manual None $5,000
CDL-A Auto Pintle $5,000
CDL-A Manual Pintle $6,000
CDL-A Auto 5th Wheel $7,000
CDL-A Manual 5th Wheel $8,000
Upgrade B-A Any Any $5,000
*Add $200-$250 for payment by credit card.

What We Offer

We are a registered trainer with approved locations in the FMCSA Training Provider Registry for Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT). To start training with us, you'll need to obtain your CDL permit & ELDT training certificate, then you're ready for our hands-on training.


We offer our in-person Behind the Wheel (BTW) & Range training program in Pelham, NH so you can obtain your CDL-A or CDL-B license in either NH or MA.


We offer tractor-trailer training on either an automatic or manual transmission truck!


Over the last 15+ years, we have trained many drivers for their CDL driver's license, with many of them passing their driving test on the first try.


Our affordable program offers small group hands-on truck inspection training and driving training on a flexible schedule built around your availability!


Also included is our library of learning materials: online student portal, handbook (print & digital), training videos, flashcards (on request), a sponsor, truck, and all materials needed for the day of your road test.


New Hampshire Residents test at the Epping or Nashua DMV and Massachusetts Residents will test in Newbury, MA.


Detailed pricing for each license level and our online registration:


License Transmission Trailer Price*
CDL-B Auto None $4,000
CDL-B Manual None $5,000
CDL-A Auto Pintle $5,000
CDL-A Manual Pintle $6,000
CDL-A Auto 5th Wheel $7,000
CDL-A Manual 5th Wheel $8,000
Upgrade B-A Any Any $5,000
*Add $200-$250 for payment by credit card.
  • Class A CDL:

    $5,000-$8,000- ELDT Theory, Behind the Wheel & Range Training & Road Test

  • Class B CDL:

    $4,000-$5,000- ELDT Theory, Behind the Wheel & Range Training & Road Test

  • UGRADE class B to A CDL:

    $5,000 flat- ELDT Theory, Behind the Wheel & Range Training & Road Test

  • Automatic Transmission

  • Manual Transmission

  • New Hampshire

  • Massachusetts

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  • No Set Classroom Times

    All of our training is done either 1-on-1 or in small groups. You pick from available 3-hour training blocks for each training session based on your availability. You learn at your own pace.

  • We Book Your Test

    We take care of scheduling your skills test when you've completed our program. NH tests are conveniently performed right at our testing site and MA tests are performed in Newbury, MA, both with a private detail.

Ready to get started?

Head over to our "Get Started" page to find all the resources you need to get going with obtaining your CDL license.

Everything you need to start the CDL process has been put together in one convenient spot and is available to you for no start-up fee.

Once you have your permit, you're ready to register with the CDL Guys!

CDL Requirements


The Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act requires every state to meet the same minimum standards for commercial driver licensing. The standards require drivers to get a Commercial Driver License (CDL) to operate any of the following commercial motor vehicles:

• A vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) in excess of 26,000 pounds.
• A combination of trailer and towing unit which exceeds 26,000 pounds GVWR with the trailer in excess of 10,000 pounds GVWR.
• A vehicle designed to transport 16 or more passengers, including the driver.
• Any size vehicle which transports hazardous materials which requires a Hazmat placard.

Drivers are required to pass different knowledge and road tests depending on the Classifications and Endorsements they apply for and the type of license they currently hold. Before applying for a CDL license, drivers should thoroughly review the Commercial Driver Manual, which can be downloaded or is available at any DMV office.


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